Isaac & Monique: Wedding Invites

Isaac & Monique tied the knot in 2011. They are film and music enthusiasts to the core, and had some fantastic ideas for their wedding invites and reception ‘guestbook’. When Isaac suggested a postcard styled after the Punch Drunk Love poster as an invite, I immediately loved the idea. I hadn’t done a ‘homage’ piece since I was in school at SAIT. They had their wedding photographer shoot a few images of them with the poster as inspiration. I manipulated the colour of the photograph they liked, re-created the colour ribbons and sourced a typeface that was a close match to the original.

In addition the these postcards, Isaac had a vision for their ‘guestbook’. Isaac thrifted some records that had never been played (Michael Bolton was my personal favorite) and asked if I could do some custom labels for them. At his request, I found high-res images of the Sun, Verve, Apple and Atlantic record labels (from specific years) and manipulated them to include song titles that were unique to the couple. I wound up printing these on Avery sticker-paper, cutting, lining up and sticking them to each record. The results were better than expected—some guests even asked if they were real, until they read the song titles. After the wedding, family of the couple had them framed, and now all four hang in their condo.

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    Isaac and Monique Prusky