Westcastle Ski Club Logo Refresh

I was approached by Chris Clapton to work on a project for the Westcastle Ski Club, an organization he is a board member of. The club is for youth aged 5 – 18 years, aimed to coach and nurture young athletes, with a hope to encourage them to love the sport of skiing and be confident doing it.

After running through some fresh concepts with the board members, they asked I go back to building a softer/friendlier version of the logo they had been using (the “W” and Castle as shown). I approached this simply: went with a sans-serif and bulkier icon. This rendition was the winner with the board and was then worked into the web and facebook refresh I worked on. I provided mock-ups of the refreshed web to Paul Plato (programming) and Kathy Matkin-Clapton (copy) who ran with it and worked their magic. The site is now being managed by the client.

If you’d like to see the cool things that the club gets up to, you can check them out on the web or on facebook.

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