Tree of Gondor Ski Design

In 2014, I was commissioned to create artwork for two pairs of skis in different styles. Both were inspired by the Lord of the Rings. The request for this pair was a to create a hand-drawn illustration of the Tree of Gondor. I haven’t read the books myself, so I relied on others to help on this one. After searching for source material and going through the movies, I found there hadn’t been a single “decided” interpretation of the tree which gave me room to get creative. There were consistencies that I found—the large dark black spot near the base, and a decided twist in the shape. A flower was requested—a single bloom in colour. The flower in the movies is a white and yellow—but we hoped to bring in a red/pink of our own. When I was researching the shield that shows the Tree of Gondor, there was a very consistent look, including a heart form at the top, a series of stars (all varied numbers it seemed) and a symmetrical branch design. I created an illustration with these pieces included.

Pictured are different phases of the project, and the finished skis by the awesome team at Folsom.

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    Graphic Design, Illustration
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    IAM Enterprises