The Little Locavore

Liam Lewis is a food blogger and aspiring chef. He’s 12 years old, and has a passion for food. He tweets, has a Facebook page, and of course, a blog. He’s your average kid that meets interesting people in the industry, has impeccable fashion sense, volunteers and is active in the community, and figure skates (well) in his spare time. Generally, he just blows my mind.

In 2013 he needed a logo set—one for his blog and ‘locavore’ pursuits, and another for a lunchbags-for-schools project he was putting together. After a series of sketches and concepts were presented, he decided on a primary and secondary logo set with a group of complementary badges.

He was kind enough to send through some promotional items and cards he had printed with the logos. These were designed by he and his fabulous Mom Joanne.

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    Liam Lewis | The Little Locavore