Painted Skulls + Voodoo Dolls

In the summer of 2010 I had a booth at the Diablos Greaseball Bash in Calgary, AB. I sold painted skulls, small paintings, bracelets, hand-crafted voodoo dolls, baby voodoos, custom hair flowers, headbands, barrettes, and greeting cards. The show was an absolute success—I managed to sell almost all of my stock, much to my surprise and delight.

The hair flowers each doubled as pins, and the skulls in the center were each sculpted out of sculpy and painted/sprayed. Each flower was unique with small colourful details added to each.The skulls were my first go at painting paper-mâché sugar-skulls. The small acrylic paintings were a fun compliment to these.

While visiting the southern US, I was so inspired (it’s one of my all-time fave areas). I saw some voodoo dolls and thought I would build some with a Violet De Vine feel. Colourful and each one unique, the heads were molded from sculpy and painted/sprayed. The insides were straw from a local farmer. A little sewing, glue, feathers and buttons, and voila—they each had personality and charm. I made about two dozen and designed a small instruction set to go with each one.

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