In January 2011 I had a rare opportunity to attend a Masque. When my date asked me what I thought we should wear I said, “I guess I could make us a couple masks?” and he was thrilled. A trip to Michael’s for supplies and I was set up. This was a lot of fun—I’ve never painted masks, although I’ve thought of it. I’ve been known to gawk at the collection of gorgeous Venetian Masks at the Costume Shoppe in Calgary. I always thought it might be a neat idea for a themed wedding or an over-the-top pinup photo-shoot. Either way, I’m glad I finally had a reason to get out the glue gun and get fancy. Not that it’s of any real consequence, but after scouring Netflix for background inspiration, I half-watched Ever After (Drew Barrymore) followed by Groundhog Day while painting and gluing these beauties. However the inspiration came, the results were colorful and covered things in sparkles. They were a hit.

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