A Tree for Marie

In May 2012 Jeremy had a friend ask if I would do a commission piece. After a trip to Marie’s to measure her dining room wall, we purchased the largest canvas that would fit (also the largest canvas I’ve ever had the privilege to make a mess with acrylics on). Marie gave Jeremy the details of what she was looking for—and he passed along a very vague description hoping to leave it as open to my interpretation as possible. This was appreciated, but a bit nerve-racking. I really wanted her to like it. Jeremy knew the more specific the request, the less inspired I am—and my work reflects it (how awesome is that? I think he’s a natural art-rep). I got set up in the kitchen that was under construction at the time, and got to work.

The results were not at all what I expected when I started—but the process was so much fun and I was pleased with it once I signed and dated the bottom right corner. Even better—Marie loved it. Success.

Thank you so much to Jeremy for all your help and Marie for the work. This was an absolute blast.

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    Artwork, Canvas
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    Marie Woods