10x10x52 Feature: Coffee Date

10x10x52 (Featured: Coffee Date) | A favourite from the 10x10x52 Series

For many years, I’ve found it inspiring to follow the annual projects artists and designers have shared online. So inspiring in fact, I thought I’d challenge myself to finishing one painting per week for 52 weeks in 2014. In addition to the goal of growing as an artist, I hoped this exercise would balance the meticulousness of my graphic design projects and (as a bonus) increase my overall zen-factor. (Win-win). The project was a success.

All 52 completed paintings were posted on instagram as they were done. Two special people in my life thought it would be fun to put on a show and sale—and organized a full event at CASA in Lethbridge. I am so grateful for their enthusiasm and hard work. The show was a success!

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